Concert Review

J.S. Ondara

J.S. Ondara is a Kenyan singer-songwriter who gained prominence in the music industry in the late 2010s. Born in Nairobi, Kenya, Ondara’s music is often characterized by his distinct folk and Americana style, which he honed after becoming fascinated with American folk music icons like Bob Dylan.

Ondara’s breakthrough came with the release of his debut album “Tales of America” in 2019. The album received critical acclaim for its introspective lyrics, evocative storytelling, and Ondara’s soulful vocals. “Tales of America” explores themes of immigration, identity, and the American experience, drawing from Ondara’s own journey from Kenya to the United States.

J.S. Ondara’s music resonated with audiences for its sincerity and emotional depth, and he has since continued to tour and release new music, further establishing himself as a notable voice in contemporary folk and Americana music.