Concert/Tour Marketing

Don’t rely on venues to market your show/tour. Take control of your brand, keep valuable revenue streams amongst your team, and grow YOUR brand in markets you are set to play. Don’t hand over precious budget to a venue to spend and grow its own brand.

Concert/Tour Marketing

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From Launch To Settlement

Attract, Engage, and Amplify

We use digital tools to advance an artists goals such as:

Facebook and Instagram Campaign Management

Google Grant and Paid Search Campaign Management

Display Campaign Management

YouTube Campaign Management

Whether you want to drive ticket sales for a hard to crack market or a whole tour, increase attendance, or amplify brand awareness, we’ll provide you with the strategic direction to move the needle for your tour, event or artist.

Our approach to digital campaign management is rooted in years of experience marketing concerts & tours, technical mastery of the most effective digital channels to reach your fans, and passion for thumb stopping digital content. Our retainer model for paid campaign management enables us to build a partnership that meets your needs and grows in-step

Content Creation and Implementation

Whether it be small club shows or sold out stadiums, let us take creating content to drive engagement, growth, and most importantly sales.

Let us create videos & photos for social media platforms, Youtube, or website.

We love music. we play music. We produce music. Trust us to deliver what people will love!

We have learned, over the course of over 400 shows to be invisible, deliver content before an artist gets off the stage, and create compelling content under immense pressure.

Tour Publicity

Create PR/Tour or Album Launch campaign that includes outreach to major media. With a customized strategy and timeline, a full campaign is built around each individual project in order to ensure maximum exposure for your album or tour launch.

An artists' needs are at the heart of what we do, and with our years of accumulated experience we’re well-versed in using online music promotion, social media marketing and traditional marketing channels to see exceptional growth both nationally and internationally for musicians.

We are open and LOVE all genres of music. From country to pop to hip/hop.

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