Concert Review

Fast Romantics

Fast Romantics are a Canadian indie rock band formed in Calgary, Alberta, in 2008. The band consists of Matthew Angus (vocals, guitar), Kirty (vocals, keyboards), Kevin Black (guitar), Jeffrey Lewis (bass), Lisa Lorenz (keyboards), and Nick McKinlay (drums). They are known for their energetic performances and catchy, melodic songs.

Fast Romantics have released several albums and EPs, including “Afterlife Blues” (2009), “Kidcutter” (2013), and “American Love” (2017). They have garnered attention for their blend of indie rock, pop, and alternative influences. The band’s music often explores themes of love, relationships, and the human experience.

Fast Romantics have toured extensively in Canada and internationally, building a dedicated fan base with their dynamic live shows and heartfelt songwriting. They continue to be active in the indie music scene, releasing new music and performing at festivals and venues around the world.