Bedouin Soundclash

Centre In The Square/ Kitchener Public Library

Bedouin Soundclash is a Canadian band that formed in 2001 in Kingston, Ontario. The group consists of Jay Malinowski (vocals/guitar), Eon Sinclair (bass), and Chuck Treece (drums). Their musical style is a fusion of reggae, rock, and punk, creating a sound that's often described as "dub rock." The band gained popularity with their hit single "When the Night Feels My Song" from their second album, "Sounding a Mosaic," released in 2004.

Bedouin Soundclash has continued to release albums and tour, evolving their sound over the years. They have explored different genres while maintaining their reggae influences. The band's name is a reference to the nomadic Bedouin people and the term "soundclash," which is often associated with reggae and dancehall culture, where competing sound systems battle for musical supremacy.