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Celtic Thunder

Centre In The Square

Celtic Thunder is a musical ensemble and stage show that originated in Ireland. It features a lineup of male vocalists who perform a mix of traditional Celtic music, contemporary songs, and original compositions, often accompanied by elaborate stage productions.

Formed in 2007, Celtic Thunder quickly gained popularity for their dynamic performances, blending elements of Celtic music with modern influences. The group's repertoire includes traditional Irish and Scottish folk songs, as well as covers of popular contemporary songs rearranged to fit their style.

One of the unique aspects of Celtic Thunder is its lineup of talented vocalists, each with their own distinct voice and personality. The group's members have changed over the years, but some of the notable performers who have been part of Celtic Thunder include Damian McGinty, Paul Byrom, Keith Harkin, Ryan Kelly, and Neil Byrne, among others.

Celtic Thunder has released numerous albums and DVDs, often featuring live recordings of their performances. They have also toured extensively, captivating audiences with their powerful vocals, energetic stage presence, and skillful musical arrangements.

The group's music appeals to a wide range of audiences, from fans of traditional Celtic music to those who appreciate contemporary pop and rock sounds. Their concerts often feature a mix of high-energy performances, soulful ballads, and intricate vocal harmonies, creating a memorable and entertaining experience for audiences around the world.

Overall, Celtic Thunder has become synonymous with modern Celtic music, and their contributions to the genre have helped introduce traditional Irish and Scottish music to new audiences while keeping the spirit of Celtic music alive and thriving.