Centre In The Square

Colorvine is an American rock band formed in Cincinnati, Ohio, consisting of lead vocalist Heath Saltis, guitarist David J. Petovar, bassist Larry Saltis, and drummer Kiley Williams. The band is known for its melodic rock sound influenced by classic rock, pop, and alternative rock genres.

Colorvine gained attention with their debut album titled "Wake Up" released in 2018. The album featured a blend of catchy hooks, strong vocal harmonies, and polished production, earning the band a following in the rock music scene. Some of their popular tracks include "Victory Song," "I'm Not Okay," and "Like You."

While Colorvine may not have achieved the same level of mainstream recognition as some other bands, they have garnered a dedicated fan base and continue to produce music and perform live shows. Their style appeals to fans of melodic rock and those who appreciate well-crafted songwriting and musicianship.