Lights, whose full name is Valerie Anne Poxleitner-Bokan, is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and musician. She was born on April 11, 1987, in Timmins, Ontario, Canada. Lights is known for her synth-pop and electronic music style, as well as her distinctive vocals and captivating stage presence.

Lights gained prominence with the release of her debut album, "The Listening," in 2009, which featured hits like "Saviour" and "Drive My Soul." Her music often combines catchy melodies with electronic beats, creating a unique sound that has resonated with audiences worldwide.

Over the years, Lights has released several albums and EPs, including "Siberia" (2011), "Little Machines" (2014), and "Skin&Earth" (2017). She is also known for her creative endeavors beyond music, including her comic book series "Skin&Earth," which she wrote and illustrated herself, integrating the storyline with her music.

Lights continues to be an influential figure in the alternative and electronic music scenes, earning critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base for her innovative approach to music and artistry.