The Longest Road Show

Heat, pressure and endurance. It’s how coal becomes diamond, and how character and talent are developed and revealed. That kind of dedication is a badge of honour among touring musicians, who come to find beauty in it.

A concert event like no other, The Longest Road Show celebrates the amazing talents that arise from the endless miles of touring, and a journey of discovery for performers and audience alike. Spotlighting a killer lineup of road-tested musical artists — a bill co-headlined by Terra Lightfoot, Lindi Ortega, and Begonia — The Longest Road Show will wind its way through major markets across Ontario in February 2019.

Each night on The Longest Road Show will feature these stellar artists performing in a showcase format. Every concert features the backing of the Longest Road rhythm section (bassist Anna Ruddick and drummer Michelle Josef), plus special marquee and local guests. And each show will be a medley of intermingled performances, with an intermission mid-way. Arrive for door time, get comfortable, and prepare to discover new favourite musicians as you enjoy a collaborative concert experience unique to your town.