The Mastersons

The Mastersons are an American husband and wife duo consisting of Chris Masterson and Eleanor Whitmore. They are singer-songwriters and multi-instrumentalists known for their blend of folk, Americana, and country music.

Chris Masterson primarily plays guitar and provides vocals, while Eleanor Whitmore contributes vocals, plays fiddle, mandolin, and other instruments. Both have extensive backgrounds in music. They met while playing in Steve Earle’s band, The Dukes, and later decided to form their own musical partnership.

The Mastersons have released several albums, including “Birds Fly South” (2012), “Good Luck Charm” (2014), and “Transient Lullaby” (2017). Their music often features rich vocal harmonies, poignant songwriting, and skilled instrumentation. They have toured extensively, both as headliners and as support for other artists, gaining a dedicated following within the Americana music scene.

Their work has been praised for its authenticity, emotional depth, and musicianship, making The Mastersons a respected presence in contemporary folk and Americana music circles.