Concert Review

The Standstills

The Standstills are a Canadian rock duo consisting of Renée Couture (vocals, guitar) and Jonny Fox (drums, vocals). Formed in Oshawa, Ontario, the duo has gained recognition for their raw, energetic performances and their powerful blend of blues-infused rock.

The Standstills are known for their dynamic live shows, which often feature Couture’s intense vocals and gritty guitar riffs combined with Fox’s powerful drumming. They have released several albums and EPs, including “Pushing Electric” (2012), “From the Devil’s Porch” (2015), and “Badlands” (2018).

With a sound that draws from classic rock influences while incorporating modern elements, The Standstills have carved out a distinct niche in the Canadian rock scene. They continue to tour and perform regularly, captivating audiences with their high-energy performances and passionate music.