Concert Review

Tim Baker

Tim Baker is a Canadian musician, singer, and songwriter best known as the lead vocalist and primary songwriter for the indie rock band Hey Rosetta!. Hey Rosetta! gained popularity for their richly layered sound, emotional songwriting, and captivating live performances.

Tim Baker’s songwriting often explores themes of love, loss, and personal introspection, and his distinctive voice lends a poignant depth to the band’s music. Some of Hey Rosetta!’s most well-known songs include “Red Heart,” “Yer Spring,” and “Young Glass.”

In addition to his work with Hey Rosetta!, Tim Baker has also pursued a solo career, releasing his debut solo album “Forever Overhead” in 2019. His solo work showcases his introspective songwriting style and allows him to explore new musical directions outside of the band’s sound.

Tim Baker is recognized as a talented musician and lyricist within the Canadian indie music scene, and his contributions to Hey Rosetta! and his solo work have earned him a dedicated following.